Maintenance Request

Have an emergency? We’ll be right over!

When you have an emergency repair need, the last thing you want is to be stuck waiting on unreliable service. Our maintenance personnel are local, available 24/7, and are here to cater to your every need. Whether it’s for a leaky pipe, a bathtub that won’t drain, a running toilet, or you locked yourself out, your call will be answered promptly.

Call us or fill out the maintenance request form below.

"Struga actually CARES about their residents!"

"I've been a Struga resident for several years, ever since they bought my complex from the previous owners. The difference has been HUGE! Struga actually cares about their residents. The management is professional, but friendly and understanding. And the maintenance crew is the hardest working bunch in the business. Struga is the best management company in this area!"

J.E.H. Simon, Denton Resident